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VALUE ADD and corporate security debate is gaining importance now .Any investment needs to be validated by VALUE ADD it brings in .Security is viewed as necessary expense. Companies today are making a business case from utilizing security devices and systems to protect life and property (assets), to helping improve productivity, assist with training, and decrease losses.

Companies desire to leverage Security to Maximize Revenue. It must be Vital partner to protect company assets and IP .Attempt to be made to Use security technology to improve business processes and operational efficiencies. End user and integrator ingenuity are merging to bring innovative services eg Video surveillance and access control services . Internet provides realtime, anywhere access to surveillance cameras, activities of employees and visitors via access control logs. Access provides valuable information on security measures . Customer and employee patterns begin to emerge which are valuable data .

Examples of ROI With Security Technology are given below:
Is the new line of merchandise displayed prominently in the front of the store? Do I need more lunch staff on Thursdays and Fridays? Are my employees being honest about their hours worked? A security director can view and download footage of an incident online in one city without having to make the roundtrip to pull the incident from the DVR. Remote access can potentially save a business in fleet expenses, travel expenditures, and time and resource management. Be in multiple places at one time. A win-win for all parties anytime, anywhere access. Hence funding for security projects is now coming from the customer’s IT, sales and marketing . Convergence opens new ROI opportunities for security providers, who are investing R&D dollars to position themselves at the forefront of the convergence revolution.

Leverage Customer IT Investments
New video services are changing the way companies conduct business. Security providers offer online services that allow a customer to access their local video surveillance systems via the Internet for realtime and historical viewing of their cameras, plus control pan/tilt/zoom (p/t/z) units. Customers view, store and retrieve video images from their local DVR unit, while leveraging their existing infrastructure. When a customer requests IP video, to access live and stored video footage using a secure Internet network. build robust IT capabilities to provide services without taxing the customer’s IT infrastructure. These systems allow companies to leverage their existing security and IT investments. Image Content Navigation (ICN ) .In 3D users can plan new camera sites to improve performance of the system. eVideo Audit is a video monitoring service that provides realtime audits, notification and exception reporting of a customer’s business processes.

Investment in open architecture technology and a common IT platform allows a to offer their customer online, realtime alarm data and video that helps a customer improve their security and improve their business operations.” Central station managed access control is ideal. Provides 100 percent of the management and administration of the customer’s local access control system. Provide new employee access cards, photo ID badges, changing of door lock schedules, deleting or modifying access levels, generating activity reports and more for the customer. Eliminates the customer having to purchase, administer or manage access control software on their computer. Customers can pick up the phone or request all changes via an online, realtime Web portal. Has access to realtime reports and other system and activity information without an IT infrastructure investment. Smart organizations are making their security personnel more efficient by integrating video with security control so that video is pushed directly to security guard’s monitor, PDA or cell phone.

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